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Get a Grip on this Floor!

Posted on March 18, 2024 by Branden Mausbach

If you have nice concrete flooring and want it to stay that way for several years, this is a good idea to place some form of sealant onto it. For those who have just moved right into a used home, make an effort to determine if the concrete flooring has been sealed or not. It is possible to usually tell in case a floor has been sealed by its shiny surface, but sometimes it isn't that easy. This is a little trick that is effective. Tape the corners of a little little bit of aluminum foil on to the floor and leave it there every day and night. Peel back the foil and when there's moisture beneath it, this implies there was not any sealant put on the floor. This is exactly what is causing it to be damp, cold and musty.

If you're creating a new home, there exists a good way in order to avoid getting moisture into concrete flooring. Ask the builder for a water stop which goes between your concrete slab and foundation. What this does is avoid the moisture from the exterior from expanding in to the concrete. In case you are having concrete resurfacing done, make certain it has dried prior to applying any sealant.

Remember to check on the label on the seal or can for toll-free technical information, in the event you have to call them regarding any concrete flooring questions. New plastic laminate flooring is effective on concrete but stay away from the usage of any flooring with wood backing when decorating. In case you are laying carpet, it is possible to glue it right to the ground but be sure you work with a low-nap carpet. Ceramic tile is definitely the best flooring for basements, but be sure you put one down which has good traction. Needless to say, an excellent concrete resurfacing job with the rough texture, if you like it in this manner, is also a sensible way to avoid slippage on a concrete floor. If you opt to paint an unsealed concrete floor, begin by dipping a sponge or strain mop in to the paint. You may use two colors and just dab it onto the ground for a faux-finish.