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Solve Small-Space Kitchen Problems

Posted on August 20, 2022 by Branden Mausbach

Simplify your kitchen furniture and furnishings ... streamline and recess your lighting ... clear your counters and walls of most however the attractive essentials for preparing food. These, plus a competent step-saving workshop, are on the list of quickest first steps you need to try when redecorating your small or narrow kitchen.

If possible, rearrange your appliances and workspaces to essentially "opt for the flow." Divide the area up into two main areas: food preparation/cooking, and clean-up.

One solution to simplify preparing food would be to arrange your appliances in 1-2-3 order with regards to use: refrigerator first, then sinks with work surfaces attached or inserted, then microwave, stove or cook top. This way, food leaves the refrigerator, and is washed, chopped, processed, seasoned and cooked with just a couple simple actions by the chef!

Make more of one's surfaces, too. Hang a big pegboard -- painted white or some pastel hue to fit your kitchen -- along one wall. Using different-sized S-hooks, gather together those kitchen gadgets, ladles, sifters, choppers along with other hand tools that frequently clutter up counters or languish in junk drawers.

Attach an oversized S-hook at one or both ends of the pegboard to help keep handy your aprons, children's bibs and potholders.

Open up your small-space kitchen with the addition of light wherever you've got a dark corner. Skylights are excellent illuminators, in case a redesign fits into your redecorating budget! For lighting, choose the brightest, least harsh illumination available, and obtain gone clunky hanging globes and lanterns and only streamlined, sleek luminescence.

A bright glow is crucial for a little kitchen, nevertheless, you may also add light by strategically positioning mirrors. Hang one across from your own kitchen windows, to double the incoming day light and double the view of the fantastic outdoors. Mirrors work, too, in "extending" short hallways and checking dark, dead-end corners.

White cabinets -- doorless, or doored with framed chicken wire -- and white or pale walls with color flowing seamlessly in one room to another, say "light and airy" in virtually any kitchen lexicon! Feeling adventurous? Tear out several old cupboards and set up some open floating shelves within their stead.

Finding space for storage in a little kitchen is indeed much easier nowadays with several under-sink, under-cupboard and behind-the-door organizers -- from hanging mesh baskets to epoxy-coated wire. Utilize them liberally to store and hide trash bags, grocery sacks, coupons, barbeque tools along with other as-needed accessories!

Whatever your decorating choices, make sure they are with "you" at heart. Test out light, space, fabric and textures to attain the look you want, in whatever space available for you!.