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What a Tempermental Floor!

Posted on April 21, 2024 by Branden Mausbach

Did you know floors as an acclimation necessity? When you have installed bamboo floors, cork floors, or any kind of hardwood floors this is a term that you should understand! When setting up custom floors in your house, it's important to examine the manufacturer's instructions carefully in regards to to guarantee coverage and the surroundings. Acclimation is a pre-installation process which allows your floors material to modify itself to the surroundings of its installation. Plans vary among manufacturers, however the concept is actually the same. Before setting up, place your floors in the area and allow it sit for just two or three times at a temp between 60 °F and 75°F and the humidity at 35 % to 55%. This humidity range is not the outdoor humidity level, however the actual inside humidity level.

As the times of year vary widely in various places, some areas experience lesser swings in humidity than others. If you are installing hardwood floors in the desert southwest, for example, this has suprisingly low humidity levels year-round, whereas coastal areas have higher levels over summer and winter. If you reside in a northern area of the country, there are both extremes of humidity from very dried out winters the humid summers.

When you have suprisingly low humidity levels, humidifiers may be used to keep up with the recommended selection of humidity and stop your floors from shrinking and separating. Laminate floors, cork floors, and bamboo floors are all delicate to humidity changes. When you have high humidity levels ac units and humidifiers are accustomed to keep the flooring from swelling and buckling. Viewing the humidity levels is very important to two reasons. To begin with for manufacturers for a tease, and secondly, you obviously want to keep the floor in good form for a long period to come.